VIVA — a Platform for Preparing Talent for Opera

Conductor Alessandro Siciliani from Columbus, Ohio, has accomplished much during his career, performing in some of the world’s most renowned theaters and receiving high honors from the Giuseppe Verdi Milan Conservatory. Currently, Maestro Alessandro Siciliani is the artistic and music director for Opera Project Columbus.

This past summer, Opera Project Columbus held its first Virtual Intensive Vocal Academy (VIVA). Opera Project Columbus is a program that seeks talent while reinventing the art. Because conditions this year forced everyone to stay home, the company found another way to galvanize the operatic community through VIVA.

VIVA offered participants the chance to maintain their vocal skills while advancing their professional development through its educational courses. The project provided many who attended the online event with valuable industry information.

The courses covered topics such as avoiding the pitfalls of auditioning in Europe and language and pronunciation when singing in Italian. The project was such a success that more series are in the works.




Alessandro Siciliani — Award-Winning Conductor

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Alessandro Siciliani

Alessandro Siciliani

Alessandro Siciliani — Award-Winning Conductor

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