How to Become a Principal Conductor

Maestro Alessandro Siciliani, the son of Italian composer and opera director Francesco Siciliani, grew up around some of the most famous composers and performers of the world. As the former music director of the Columbus Symphony in Columbus, Ohio, Alessandro Siciliani led the orchestra to since-unmatched heights.

Becoming a conductor is a long process, but it all starts with a profound passion for creating and playing music. In practical terms, you will need, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree. A master’s degree may be necessary for some positions, and it can only help your prospects. In addition to conducting, you’ll need to learn group dynamics and leadership skills.

Next, you’ll want to acquire relevant work experience. Seek internship opportunities where available, and be flexible when you start looking for work. Support positions, assistant conductor openings, and even unpaid jobs can create significant benefits in the form of practical experience for your first real conductor position.




Alessandro Siciliani — Award-Winning Conductor

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Alessandro Siciliani

Alessandro Siciliani

Alessandro Siciliani — Award-Winning Conductor

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